Los Angeles Magazine – Art Spotlight on Linda Stelling

The story of creation is the story of color. The story of color is the story of emotion. Before there words, there was color. Colors so powerful that they caused a vocal reaction-Raw, throaty vowels, salacious sibilants, Resonant consonants, aerated breath. Color gave birth to sound. When music can no longer be contained, it breaks into movement and dance.

Linda Stelling’s Alchemy series paintings dance across the canvas. Like it or not, we are bathed in intense and joyous bursts of primal chromatic explosions. Her colors pour onto the canvas and off the canvas, bouncing around the room like beams of light.

Her liquid layers are studies in juxtaposition as much as in gradation of tone. Just like in life, just like in love, things that should not make sense, do. Colors that should not fit together, unfold in perfect harmony. They defy psychological narrative. They simply are filled with the one thing that theory cannot provide – the very vibrancy of life.


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